Month: November 2016


I literally just choked on my dinner.
Found a new photo shoot with Adam Driver for Interview magazine and HOLY CRAP!!!
So much thanks to @nonibear11 on tumblr for shortening my life by quite a few years!

I think this one is my favourite. Look at that amazing profile!!!


They just keep on coming!! This time thanks to @talalyla on Tumblr.
Photo shoot by Steven Klein.


I am now on 2 weeks of annual leave.
2 weeks that I have taken at the same time every year since I started working again 8 years ago to enable me to get ready for Xmas.
By the time I go back to work all presents will be bought and wrapped and the Xmas decorations will be up.

Normally I am well and truly into Xmas shopping by now, but this year has been a slow starter and I have literally done nothing!!

It’s been a tough week with workmen installing new radiators and pipes and the house is a warzone.
On the upside, we had heating over the weekend for the first time in 4 weeks!!

The workmen are back today to ‘hopefully’ finish off, filling holes, tidying up, etc, and then I can really get stuck into what I need to.

I think Friday last week was the most depressing day we’ve had since the whole heating saga.
Everyone in the house was completely fed up with being cold and damp and feeling rough.
Everyone else had left the house to go to work or school and I was left in the house with workmen. The house was freezing because the heating hadn’t been switched on and they were still in and out of the house with the doors open and at that point there was only a slim chance of the heating being on for the weekend.

I couldn’t face it so I drove to Milton Keynes to spend a few hours in a warm cinema with Adam Driver and ‘Paterson’.


It’s the second time I’ve seen it now and it’s still beautiful. It put the smile back on my face and I’m glad to say that I came home to heating!!!
This weekend has been warm and lush.

We got quite a bit of sorting and tidying done over the weekend so when the workmen are done it shouldn’t take long to finish.
So today I’m relaxing a little before the manic, panic of Xmas prep work starts.


So after seeing the trailer for Adam Driver’s next film, Silence, I could literally cry.

Martin Scorcese’s new baby, Silence, looks like an epic tail that is heading for Oscars.
What it also showcases is the dedication of the actors involved.
Maybe a supporting role nomination?….. I can but hope!!

Adam Driver, lost an incredible 51 pounds to look like this!!!


This picture is painful to look at and I can’t imagine what he went through to achieve the look.

Thankfully, he put the weight back on ready for filming EpVIII Star Wars and is back to fighting weight and looking like this!!


Can’t wait to see it and hopefully see it get some Oscars.


Ok, I got to see Paterson early and I’m going to see it again because it looks like it’s getting a pretty good general release at the end of this week. I won’t have to travel too far to see it.

There is another Adam Driver film I’ve been chomping at the bit to see or even get details for and this week we’ve been given an official poster and the first trailer.

It’s Martin Scorcese’s new baby and, if I have my information correct, has taken him over 20 years to bring to fuition.
It is getting a limited release at the end of December so that it will be in contention for Oscars and then it goes on general release early in the new year.

It’s set in the seventeenth century and tells the story of two Jesuit priests who face violence and persecution when they travel to Japan to locate their mentor and propagate Christianity.

It looks like it’s going to be quite stunning!!


Adam Driver lost an incredible 51 pounds for the role and it painfully shows in this trailer.
It going to be an emotional roller coaster of a film I think.


So this evening my youngest daughter says to me…

“Have you got any ideas for my child development homework? I have to come up with an idea for a kids book. It only has to be the opening pages”

She reminded me of a project I did at college, waaaaay back when…..
So we went to dig out my old college folders and I showed her the start of a story I had created and then I carried on flipping through all my old illustrations and sketches and then some of my first ever ‘fan’ driven artwork appeared.

These pieces are around 30 years old.
They were created when I came out of the sci-fi closet and joined a club.
They are pencil work and created before I’d ever even touched a computer!!

Sorry about the quality.
They are A2 in size and won’t fit onto my scanner.

I really don’t think I’d have the patience to do something like this again.
It’s probably been a good 20 – 25 years since I’ve even picked up a pencil in anger!
Not that I haven’t given it a go. I just don’t have the time or the patience to sit for hours on end until a piece is complete.




This coming week cannot go quick enough!

Our heating system was condemned about a month ago after it decided not to switch on.
It’s an atiquated hot air system that just died.
Thankfully it’s not our responsibility to replace because we rent and for the first couple of weeks running on a couple of oil fired radiators wasn’t too bad.
However, since the weather has taken a cold snap the radiators just aren’t cutting it anymore.
The house is now so cold it feels damp. There’s constant condensation on the windows and we are fighting signs of mould around the frames.
We are walking around the house in layers of clothes and blankets.

Thank god for body heat at night!!
Hubby says I’m a human radiator.

Just as well really. I refuse to run anything overnight after I found out that our electricity usage went from 24 units a day to 51! just from a couple of radiators!

The landlord has done his best to get a replacement hot air system but has ultimately had to change to radiators.
Work starts tomorrow and could last most of the week.
I actually look forward to going to work just to get warm!!
Still, at least I will have a toasty warm house just in time for my two weeks of Xmas preparation annual leave next weekend.

On the bright side, Star Trek Beyond is out on DVD Tomorrow and Paterson is finally officially released on Friday.
Hopefully it will be showing at one of the bigger cinemas in the area and I can spend the day on my own, tucked up in a nice warm cinema enjoying it all over again. I really would like to see it at least once more before I have to wait for the DVD.

Right, the rest of today is going to be spent moving furniture.
It’s going to be a nightmare week.