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If 42 is the meaning of life then I am well and truly f#*’#d as I turn 47 tomorrow.
How totally depressing is that?

Overweight, unfit with orthopaedic problems.
I hate getting older.

There you have it.
Mid life crisis!

I have made a concious decision in recent weeks to fix at least two of the issue in the above list, weight and fitness, and this in turn should ‘help’ the orthopaedic problems.
Ideally the weight should be gone by August next year when I go to Italy for my Brother’s wedding.
The fitness should follow and I want to be fit by the time I reach 50.
Fit enough that I can take on some challenges that I am going to set myself on a bucket list. (I will post that when it’s finalised)

I’m hoping the hubby will get himself dragged out of the mire he’s got himself into and join me on this quest.
He’s always had back problems after an injury as a teenager, but now he has psoriatic arthritis to contend with as well and he’s relying on medication to control the pain.
The fact that he’s severely overweight isn’t helping.
When I tackle the subject of weight loss he argues that he can’t exercise.
My argument is that stuffing entire pizzas, pastry covered foods, cakes and sweets into his mouth is totally the wrong thing to do if you can’t execise doesn’t seem sink in with him either.

I know I’m no angel.
I love my wine and crispy snacks and dieting is going to be really hard.
I just worry that we are both going to want to head into retirement with different goals.
I want my hubby tackling the bucket list ‘with me’ and not watching from the sidelines.
One thing’s for sure, I’m not just going to sit and watch the world go by (unless it’s at a street cafe in some beautiful place around the world accompanied by a glass of wine!!)

Maybe, just maybe, if he reads this, it might just knock some sense into him.

So, not such a happy birthday tomorrow.
Last of the wine and snacks. Might just treat myself to a chow mein and then on Tuesday, the challenge commences.

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