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I’ve been waiting for this moment all morning. I’ve been up since the hubby and Murron headed off to work at 7.
Marjorie and Dharma tootled off to college and school and then….
Mum arrived!

I love my Mum, I really do. She helps me keep the house in check while I’m at work. She does ALL my washing and ironing and has a little scoot around the girls rooms and keeps them in check too.

I’m now halfway through my first week of 2 weeks of annual leave.
My quiet mornings, especially on a day off, are precious.
I haven’t had it today.
So I got stuck into some cleaning while Mum pootled around with the washing and ironing.

She’s just left, the music has been switched off, all I can hear is the odd vehicle going past the house and the hum of the computer.
Absolute bliss!!

Time for a milky coffee and a blog. It’s too early for wine and I have to take Mum to the dentist a bit later so that will have to wait anyway.


So, what’s been happening recently?…….

Marjorie hasn’t been too well. Looks like she had a bout of food poisoning after a dodgy McDonald’s breakfast before college 2 weeks ago.
She’s back at college after just over a week and a half of feeling completely rubbish. Still has the odd tummy ache but the worst is over. Just as well because she is going on a National Citizen Service experience on Saturday.
She’s staying away at a place called Overstrand Hall in Norfolk from Saturday to Tuesday for team building type stuff and then from Weds to next Saturday she’ll be doing more teamwork related stuff closer to home here in Bedford.
She’s a little nervous as she doesn’t know anyone she’s going with but she’s very easy going and quickly makes friends wherever she goes so I’m sure she’ll have a great time.

Dharma is recovering nicely after the surgery on her wrist. It’s a nice neat little scar. She just needs to give it all time to heal internally now before we can determe if the procedure has done any good.

Murron is….. well….. Murron!
She now has her own motorbike. Albeit a non-running one. She’s stripping it down and rebuilding it to get it running.
She’s doing OK with her apprenticeship. The thought of payday on the 26th of each month spurs her on but I think she’s actually enjoying the work environment much more than she’s letting on.

Ian has been having major pain issues with his back.
The psoriatic arthirits has thrown everything into chaos and the Muscular Skeletal Specialist he saw yesterday has said that there’s nothing to do surgically yet and that he needs to get his pain under control. So he’s being referred back to the pain team to discuss that.

And that leaves me.
My GP has referred me to the Muscular Skeletal team after the results of my MRI showed manical tears and cysts in my knee joint.
They apparantly ‘can’t’ refer me direct to the Ortho’s for some unknown reason so I’m having to wait now until 3rd November to see the MSK team.
They will probably want me to try physio before anything else but I will be arguing that I have never stopped doing physio since my initial injury 5 months ago!!
Although not horrendously painful, the knee is now giving me issues at work and by mid afternoon it feels like it could collapse or explode again at any point.
So if I don’t get referred from MSK to Orthos I will be a bit peed off to say the least.

Other than that, I have just kick started my get fit for Italy plan.
The plan is to lose as much weight as possible. I do need to lose a lot!!
But I refuse to give up my wine. It is Italy after all so what would be the point!!
I’ll just have to factor it into my diet.

Life is otherwise chugging along. Financially it could be better. We’re still struggling with Ian’s cut in wages but I think we’ve reigned the spending in a little bit better now. Time to start reducing the credit cards and getting rid of them.

I learnt a lesson yesterday.
I forgot that my wordpress blog and my tumblr accounts are both linked to my FB account.
It’s one of the reasons I don’t re-blog a lot of stuff I would LOVE to re-blog on Tumblr.
Basically, everything I post on either site gets shown on my FB account and my friends and family can click on the links to see the full item if they wish.

Well, yesterday I got a little carried away on Tumblr with a ‘prompt’ post.
One of the prompts reminded me of a piece of my own writing so I decided to post it from AO3 to Tumblr completely forgetting about the warning tags in that particular piece of writing!!
Not the kind of tags I wanted family or work colleagues to see!!
Thankfully my husband saw it and queried it with me rather quickly and I deleted it from FB.
I don’t think anyone clicked on the link. Either that or they are being too polite to say anything.

Crisis averted.

So what now?
Well, before I take Mum out I need a shower and as the shower also needs a clean I think I’ll strip down to do that first and then have my shower. Makes sense.

Wine time will be approximately 5pm today.

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