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So, two weeks of being signed off from work to rest my knee is over.
Back to work on short shifts tomorrow. 8 hours instead of 12.5 hours a shift for a while.
Until I’m back on my feet all the time I have no idea how my knee will cope.
Only time will tell.
I’m still waiting for my MRI report and to be honest I’m hoping it finds something, otherwise it will just be a case of continuing as I am and hoping that it doesn’t go out on me again.

Dharma, my youngest, had a small operation on her wrist on Monday to release some tight tendons that make holding things painful. She’s done amazingly well. Apart from the bandaged hand you wouldn’t think she’d had anything done. I just hope it’s done the trick for her because it was really beginning to annoy her.

What have I done over the last two weeks?
I was a good girl and rested my knee as per Doctor’s orders.

The fact that I did that with lots of wine, binge watching Queer As Folk and doing lots of Youtubing (keep reading for more on that) is just coincidence.

What have I to look forward to?
Well I’m only back at work for two weeks before I have two weeks of planned annual leave in which I will be celebrating a birthday. I’ll leave you to figure out which one.

Speaking of birthdays. I am being brave on Saturday as I am going out on the town with my eldest daughter, Murron, celebrating her 19th birthday. I will be meeting a lot of her friends, clubbing and apparently I will be fare game when I attend a Drag Queen Comedian’s show at the town’s gay bar. I’m actually looking forward to that part but I’m a little scared.

Anyway, back to Youtube.
I love Youtube.
Anyone who reads my blogs will know of lot of material I talk about gets backed up with Youtube videos.
Well, over the last week I have discovered, and subscribed to 2 vloggers.

Riyadh K (Riyadh Khalaf) and Wickydkewl + DaveyWaveyRaw, he has two sites (Davey Wavey)

I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had over the last few days with a few bottles of wine chuckling my way through some of their Vlogs!!

Say hi to Riyadh!!!

Say hi to Davey Wavey!!!

These guys are so much fun to watch but they do deliver some serious advice amongst all the fun. If you have some free time, go check them out on Youtube. You won’t regret it.
Riyadh has the coolest parents imaginable and today he made Me smile even more by quoting a Tweet back at me!! He’s adoreable!!

So, that’s my recouperation over with for the next two weeks.
Time for an early snuggle.

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