General diary entries


I can’t believe that it will be October tomorrow.
Seriously…. where did September go?

On the up side…. only 77 days till Rogue One!
But that means only 85 days until Xmas!

October will be off to a difficult start.
Dharma is having surgery on her right wrist on Monday to try correct a tight tendon issue that is causing her pain when she holds anything.
She finds it difficult to hold a pen for very long and occasionally it spasms. She’s lost a phone because of that one.

Anyway, I’ve just had two weeks signed off by the GP because of my continuing knee issue. I had my MRI on Weds and I’m just waiting for the results now.
I’m going back to work this coming Weds but I will be doing short shifts and not long days for a while. Just have to see how it goes.

It’s Murron’s 19th birthday on the 8th Oct and she’s decided to drag me out on the town.
Looks like we’ll be starting the night at Esquires, her favourite haunt in town and then we will be ending the night at The Barley Mow. The local gay bar in town where Drag Queen comedian ‘Charlie Hides’ will be performing. Should be fun and an eye opener. Although I really have nothing to wear to go clubbing!! I’m going to stick out like a sore thumb.

I’m only back at work for two weeks before I have two weeks of annual leave during which I have my birthday. Getting depressingly closer to the dreaded 50!

Right, back to today.
Got a haircut at 12 and then I’ll be trying to add to an ongoing fan-fiction I’m writing.
Not sure how I feel it’s going at the moment. It’s tackling a bit of a difficult subject and I want to get it right so I may be working on it for a lot longer than previous fics.

Of course, a couple of episodes of Queer as Folk won’t go amiss!! If only to get a bit of sunshine!!

He’s an absolute cupcake!!

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