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How did I miss this on it’s initial run?!!

I have just completed binge watching all 5 seasons of the US ‘Queer As Folk’ and it’s….. for want of a better word….


There really is no other word for it.
OK, maybe ‘HOT, sexy, funny, addictive’ can all be related to it as well.

I have fallen completely head over heals in love with Justin and Brian.

Justin is played by Randy Harrison, an openly gay actor who is just adoreable. His nickname on the show is sunshine because of his amazing smile!

Brian is played by Gale Harold who is not gay and who has been on my radar a couple of times over the years with things like Vanished in 2006 and Desperate Housewives in 2009. He’s popped into some of my favourite shows occasionally like Grey’s Anatomy and CSI NY and I may just have to go check him out now in Definace.

When these two were cast together it was TV gold.
The chemistry they had from day one is undeniable and is what helped make the show as successful as it was, along with tackling political issues of the time like gay marriage and gay rights laws and other issues like homophobia and gay bashing.

The season one finale is both exhillerating because of the amazing prom scene and then heartbreaking because of what follows it when Justin is nearly killed.
I’m so thankful I could skip straight into season 2 and not have to wait to find out what happened to Justin. I think If I’d had to wait for a new season to start I would have had a breakdown.

It was groundbreaking TV and I am so pleased and relieved to find that it still has a HUGE following, so my current fangirling still has lots of things to trawl through on Tumblr and Youtube etc.

The gang still regularly get together at reunions and conventions and there is occasionally a whisper of a possible re-boot.
Quite frankly I would love to see how the characters have developed since the end of the initial series.

Did Brian letting Justin go to pursue his career in NY end the relationship? (I DOUBT IT!!)
Are Michael and Ben still together or did Ben succumb to his illness? Likewise, their adopted son Hunter. Is he still alive and well?
Not to mention the adoreable Emmett. Is he still ‘fabulous’?
Did Ted have the relationship he craved?
Did Mel and Lindsay make it?
And the babies!!
Gus will now be the same age Justin was when he first met brian. How has he grown up?
Is he straight, gay, bi? Is he a party boy like his dad Brain?
Not to mention his little sister Jenny. She’d be around 11 or 12 now.

So many questions I would love to have answered but I suspect I never will.
Only time will tell.

Anyway, think I’ll go back and watch it some more.
Can’t get enough of the prom!! That dance is magical.

Just a shame it had to be followed with this!!

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