General diary entries


So, today has been totally relaxing.

Apart from a quick trip to Tesco and little house cleaning I’ve literally spent my day writing!!
Didn’t think I would ever hear myself saying that.

I’m writing a fic that currently stands at 5,666 words
I think I may be getting hung up a little on sentimentality and I still don’t know how it’s going to end and I think it’s about time to switch off and give it a rest until the weekend.

I’m at work tomorrow.

My knee has been surprisingly good the last couple of days.
If I get through tomorrow with no issues I may start walking again at the weekend.

I’m now waiting for an MRI on the knee because something is definately not right and it does keep going out on me which is not helping me at work.
12.5 hour shifts on my feet is difficult at the best of times but when the knee is playing up it’s hell!
I have an appointment with Occupational Health on Tuesday morning and I’m hoping that maybe they can expedite the MRI.
In the meantime I’m continuing with my Physio exercises and power walking when I’m able.

Got to lose this weight for Italy next year.

So! what am I in the mood to watch. I literally haven’t watched any TV or movies for the last two days!
Don’t think it will make much difference either way as I will probably be asleep in less than an hour.

Ah the joys of mid-life!

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