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So, something hit me like a ton of bricks today.

I’ve been a bit emotional all round because of some film and reading material recently, and now the issue with my knee kicking off again, anyway, today just caught me completely off guard.

I was sitting in front of the teev with my feet up to try and relax my knee when I got a call from the Hubby.
A call I always get when I’m at home and he’s at work but today we got chatting about certain things and the subject of my Brother’s wedding in Italy next year came up, a wedding I will be going to with my parents, leaving my Hubby and kids at home, simply because we can’t afford for us all to go.

I thought I was Ok with this arrangement until I started talking enthusiastically about going to Florence for at least one day of that holiday, and then it happened.

I realised that after years of dreaming about going to Florence, I was actually going to be doing it, BUT I would be doing it without the one person I wanted to do it with.
My Hubby.

The floodgates opened.
I guess I’m pretty good at putting things to the back of my mind. I had no idea I would feel this way.
I really am going to be a complete puddle when I finally get to Florence.

Still, at least I can make a bucket list while I’m there.
Things to do with the Hubby during retirement.


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