General diary entries


It’s Tuesday night which means that Ian won’t be home until late because he’s playing X-Wing or Armada or something with his ‘mates’

I was thinking of an early night and a couple of movies but I can’t decide what I’m in the mood for.

You’d think that with 1364 films in my DVD/Bluray collection, I wouldn’t be stuck for something to watch!!

A whole spectrum of films to choose from.
Classics like Roman Holiday and Ben Hur.
A John Wayne collection.
A James Bond collection.
Chic flics
Sci fi
Star Wars
Star Trek

TV shows like Outlander, Lost, Smallville, X-Files, Hornblower, Sharpe

I keep getting drawn to little side collections of films with Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson, Karl Urban, Oscar Isaac and Joel Kinnaman but I want to try and give them a rest for a while…don’t want to get sick of them… not that that’s likely.

OK, I just put a request on FB for someone to give me a number between 1 and 1364.
Drum roll please…………

735 – Lethal Weapon 4
999 – Riddick
and a latecomer from one of the kids
96 – Australia

What a mix!!
Think I’ll round them all up and make a night of it.

Ended up watching Hamlet!! Go figure!


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