General diary entries


So, a little blogging this morning followed by some pampering at the hairdressers followed by some lunch and an overly large glass of wine.

I’ve been playing around on the internet ever since, mainly Tumblr and Youtube and in doing so I found a couple of videos i’d book marked a while ago.

Anyone who reads my blog will know I currently have quite a thing for Domhnall Gleeson (second to Adam Driver) and that General Hux gets me quite hot under the collar.

I also have a thing for Panic at the Disco. My current favourite car sounds that I loved to rock out to, especially when I’m on my own.

Now, one of my favourite Panic at the Disco tracks is Emperor’s New Clothes.
Every word uttered in this track makes me think of General Hux because you just know he has the title of ‘Emperor’ in his sights.
It has become his theme song in my head, so imagine how I felt when I discovered this on Youtube!!!

Holy shit!!
Thank you ‘All-Things-Geeky‘ on Youtube.

I also book marked this a while back which just sums up Domhnall Gleeson.

That scowel, knee high boots and leather gloves will never be boring. Unfortunately I think that the good General will be going down with his ship in the next movie. If he survives VIII he certainly won’t make it to the end of Episode IX.

Right, time for a long walk to make up for that glass of wine.

Side note…
I’ve just realised I’ve done it again…. Panic at the Disco in the same post as One Direction!!! My daughter’s are going to kill me!!

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