General diary entries


OK, so I’ve just completed 37.5 hours in 3 days. A normal working week for some and I’m going to do it all again on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!!

What am I going to do with my day off tomorrow?

My diet has got off to a good start but I will be treating myself to a bottle of wine. I think I’ve earnt it. I’ve had nothing but salad for three bloody days now.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to this!!………

A new Rogue One trailer.
It still looks awesome. Still not enough Krennic info. Can’t wait till Xmas.

I had a delivery while I was at work and my husband took great delight in sending me a text photo of it.

Ian Hux t

I think he knows my current obsession very well!

I am currently running on adrenaline. I’m not tired yet and all I want to do is write!!
I just need a new story idea.
My Tumblr colleagues are always coming up with great ideas and little drabbles.
My ideas are few and far between.

No doubt I will blog a little more tomorrow, but for now that’s it.
I think that once I settle down for the night, I will simply crash.

I think the hubby deserves to be punished a little first though!!!!!

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