General diary entries


I had a long lay in this morning after getting in at nearly 3am because of a midnight showing of Suicide Squad.

It was AMAZING!!
I can see why the critics don’t like it.
This was made by a fan, for the fans.
I seriously hope it does well, especially for Joel’s sake. He really deserves to be a leading man!

So! We have decided to take a trip down to Stevenage tomorrow and watch it in IMAX!!
It’s our 22nd anniversary tomorrow (how scary is that) and we can go for dinner at one of the restaurants in the vacinity when it’s finished.

My annual leave is now dwindling fast. Back to work on Wednesday.
I still have tomorrow to look forward to and on Monday I get a new Adam Driver film to add to my collection as Midnight Special is released on Bluray along with the wonderful Eddie the Eagle!!

I haven’t got very far with my two new Star Wars novels though.
I’ve been too preocupied with all the fabulous Kylux fanfiction that has completely captivated me and I can’t get enough of!!
Believe it or not, I’ve even written 2 more pieces of my own during my annual leave.
One very fluffy hurt/comfort piece called ‘Angel on my Shoulder‘ and one…. well… one quite pornographic piece if I’m being honest called ‘Dead of Night
I never knew I had it in me!!

I have found writing to be quite cathartic and I’m seriously thinking about trying to write something original once I’ve got my mind out of the Kylux Trashcan!

We’ll see.

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