General diary entries


7 hours.
There’s only another 7 hours to go before I FINALLY get to see Suicide Squad.
Whatever posessed me to get midnight tickets I’ll never know.
I’m getting a little bit excited now.

I have decided to drag myself away from my computer for the next hour or so.
We are desperately in need of some groceries if we are to eat over the weekend and I have become a little obsessed (yes even more so) about some fictions over the last few days and seriously neglected things.

I have felt a little like a troglodyte locked into my own little world at my desk reading an amazing series of fics, ‘Not About Angels‘ by  MellytheHun
3 parts, 43 chapters so far and as with all good fics, I stumbled onto it by accident but once I started reading I couldn’t stop!!

Now I am agonisingly waiting for an update to continue reading and find out how it’s going to end because right now my heart has been completely ripped out!!

Then I go an find that one of my favourite fic authors has started another Alpha/Omega story. Undoubtedly my favourite stories and yet another story I have to wait for an update on!!
Trapped by Solohux

That’s it.
I need to stop delving into all this amazing fiction until everything I am currently reading has been updated and completed!!
I think I now have about 5 or 6 stories on the go and waiting for them to get updates is agonizing!!

Right, time to actually get some work done………. but I might just nseek a look onto AO3 first….. you know….. get something bookmarked for later!!

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