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A few months ago I noticed that a production of The Rocky Horror Show was coming to the MK Theatre. So I decided to treat two of my girls.

I love Rocky Horror!!

I first saw it years ago when my boss took us out for a treat.
London, front row centre stage to see Anthony Stewart Head as Frank N Furter!

Rocky Horror Anthony Head

The next time was another production in MK.
This time Jonathan Wilkes took the role of Frank N Furter.

Rocky Horror Jonathan Wilkes

However, Liam Tamne in last nights production was amazing!!

Rocky Horror 3

Rocky Horror is not my husband’s kind of thing.
He suffered through the Jonathan Wilkes one a few years ago and I think it scarred him for life, so I knew he wouldn’t go again.

However, I absolutely knew that Murron would love it.
She’s 18 going on 19 and has loved The Rocky Horror film for years but Marjorie is only 16 going on 17 and has NEVER even seen the film. So innocent. She had no idea!
She is however, taking media and film studies at college later this year and LOVES getting involved with the technical side of stage productions.
I thought this would be a great learning experience all round for her!!

Rocky Horror girls

The evening started with a drive to MK.
The weather was great so we got the top down on the car and rocked our little hearts out to Panic at the Disco all the way!
Seriously addicted to Panic at the moment!

Anyway, we had a lovely dinner before heading over to the theatre to do some people watching, which is one of the best things about Rocky Horror.
Marjorie had no idea what she was in for bless her and her eyes were wide with wonder as the people who had dressed for the occasion started arriving.
Especially the men!

Only Murron could go to a theatre 30 minutes from home and bump into a couple of guys she knows from around town!!

Rocky Horror Murron

She also knew the actress playing Roxy who showed us to our seats.

The show was amazing and Marjorie actually ended up thoroughly enjoying it.

Rocky Horror 1

I can safely say that we’ll do it again the next time it comes around!!




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  1. I absolutely love the show. @LiamTamne is a wonderful Frank- what a voice! 🙂 I have more tickets booked for Glasgow and Manchester.

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