General diary entries


As I sit here on my first day of annual leave it strikes me that I have 18 days all to myself.
Me time.
Family time.

As much as I love my job and work with an amazing bunch of people, there comes a time when a break is needed and after the last week, I think I definately need it.

So! What’s the plan?

Well today is going to be a kick the house into shape day.
Bit of a shop at Tesco and then this evening we’re off out to see Star Trek Beyond!!
So looking forward to it. I can see multiple viewings ahead in the next few weeks although it’s going to have to be something incredible to beat my viewing record which stands at 10 cinema trips for Star War the Force Awakens.

The garden needs to be kicked into shape in the next few days so that I can relax and sit in it and enjoy it.

Monday evening I’m going to MK with two of my girls to see The Rocky Horror Picture show at the MK theatre.

1st of August sees the release of Batman vs Superman on Bluray.

5th of August sees Suicide Squad arrive at the cinema. FINALLY!!
We have midnight tickets for the 4th to see that one and two of the girls are coming with us!

6th of August we reach 22 years of marriage. Which means I have spent 25 years with my best friend. Nothing planned yet but I can see the usual dinner and a movie date coming.

8th August sees Midnight Special released on bluray (ADAM!!!)

The rest of the time is going to be spent just pottering around and enjoying down time.
doing mundane things in my own time.

Time to get started doing nothing!!!

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