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Holy moly!!
I’ve have just chilled and watched a film called A Single Man.

OMG!! I did not know I needed this film in my life.
It is stunnningly heart wrenching.

Starring Colin Firth, Matthew Goode, Nicholas Hoult and Julianne Moore, it tells the story of an English Professor (Firth) in the 1960’s. One year after the sudden death of his boyfriend of 16 years (Goode)
It is set during one single day as he is obviously preparing himself for suicide as he struggles to cope and the events throughout the day that bring memories and realisations to the ultimate and achingly heartbreaking conclusion.

A Single Man 2

A Single Man 1

A single Man 3

The use of colour is breathtaking as it fades from very muted colours to extremely vivid colours when something beautiful happens or is thought about and then it fades back again as the reality of the day sinks back in.

I was a bit of a mess when it ended. I’m so glad I was on my own!!
Of course I immediately logged onto Amazon and bought the Bluray. This one definately needed adding to the collection.

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