General diary entries


I wasn’t planning on blogging because I really haven’t felt up to much over tha last few days.
Anyway, after what happened today I just had to get a quick blog in.

Marjorie had a job interview today and only went and got it!!
I’m so proud. Only 3 weeks out of school.
It’s a McDonalds job. 20 hours a week and will be flexible for her when she starts college in September. Perfect!!
She has a welcome day tomorrow evening. It’s all going so fast!
She’s super excited.

Anyway, that’s the the high for the week.
The low is me.

Igot sent home from work yesterday feeling really odd.
Trembly hands and legs like jelly. High blood pressure.
I had to get Ian out of work to come get me as they weren’t happy with me driving.
It’s not the first time I’ve felt like that over the last few weeks but never quite to that degree.
So I got myself to the walk in centre to see a nurse who was worried enough to book me in with a Dr this morning.
I have to go for a fasting blood test tomorrow morning but other thank that, she couldn’t really pinpoint much.
We had a long conversation and she thinks that although I’m generally relaxed and happy, the situation with Ian’s new job role and the loss in wages having a knock on effect with finances that are only going to get harder for the next few months, may be effecting me stress wise and playing on my mind. This could be my body’s way of telling me to stop worrying.

So there you have it.
A high and a low.

Let’s see what life can throw at me next.

I do have a couple of weeks of annual leave starting on Saturday.
Just over 2 weeks to do as I please.
Star Trek and Suicide Squad!!! Rocky Horror in MK on Monday with my girls.
But mostly taking some time for me and my garden.
I hate looking at my garden at the moment. I simply haven’t had time for it this year and it’s so overgrown. A couple of days in the garden at the beginning of the annual leave so I can enjoy the garden for the rest of it will be worth the effort.

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