General diary entries


It’s always the way, I don’t have so much as a sniffle for the entire winter and then when summer finally arrives and we have glorious weather, I get a chest infection!!
I didn’t sleep a wink on Friday night because as soon as I laid down the coughing started. By 4am I was fighting a losing battle and decided to just get up and do some writing before going to work.
I was not relishing a 12.5 hour shift!!
Thankfully it was a busy day so it went quite quickly but I was seriously flagging by mid afternoon.

I had spent Friday at my computer tinkering with what is fast becoming my new hobby, writing, adding to my current fan-fiction that I’m really pleased with. Now at just over 11000 words!! I really can’t believe it. I never thought I would get into writing. I was never very accademic and I ended up doing Graphic Design. I never thought that the writing bug would striked, but strike it has and I can’t stop. I’m going to have a serious think about something original when I finish my current fan-fiction.

I also spent the day live streaming the Star Wars Celebration currently being held just down the road in London. The Rogue One panel was amazing! We got a great 3 minute b-roll type video. Behind the scenes of Rogue One that was great!

What we didn’t get that evening was the new trailer we were promised!! What happened?
I know there was some footage shown during the panel that wasn’t live streamed so did it get shown at the panel? Who knows?

Anyway, I’ve been relaxing and live streaming today and Carrie Fisher was hilarious!
Ray Park is currently on stage and it’s been quite amusing. The Future Film Makers panel and closing ceremony is on a little later but unfortunately I don’t think that will be live streaming. Rian Johnson, the director of Episode VIII will be on that panel. The only information I expect to be made public is the official title of Episode VIII and that alone is worth waiting for. If anything else leeks I will be ecstatic. Anyway, only time will tell on that one.

So, back to a little writing. I somehow have to figure out how to get Kylo and his twin brother Ben to defeat Snoke and make Hux the new self proclaimed Emperor!!
No pressure there then!!

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