General diary entries


So, Star Wars Celebration was a huge success, surprise, surprise.
I enjoyed what I could live streaming.
I loved the Rogue One Panel and the appearance of Director Krennic.

Krennic 4

Yes, the bad boy is definately making an impact again!! Forget the rebels, I’m definateley @TeamEmpire!!!  Roll on December!

Anyway, aside from the first look at the glorious new poster for Rogue One and the 3 minute sizzle reel, we did not get the new trailer we were hoping for which is a little dissapointing.

We also didn’t get much in the way of news about Episode VIII, aside from Rian Johnson confirming that Ep VIII carries on directly from where Force Awakens ends, we didn’t even get an official title!!
What that does confirm though is that they are breaking with tradition by directly continuing a story and it also means that the wounds Kylo suffered at the end of Force Awakens are still going to be pretty raw!

My chest infection seems to have eased off quite a bit today. I actually feel a lot better than I thought I would after yesterday.
Hopefully on the mend so I won’t be coughing a lung up during Star Trek Beyond next weekend!!

I have just comitted a cardinal sin. I’ve mentioned Star Trek in the same blog as I’ve mentioned Star Wars!!  Oooops!

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