General diary entries


Yes jealousy is an ugly word but jealous is what I’m feeling right now as the biggest Star Wars event of the year takes place in London and I can’t go!!

Star Wars Celebration kicked off today with so much to promise. By the time I wake up for work tomorrow we should have a new 3 minute trailer for Rogue One.
I’m going to be so hyped by that I am going to be very annoying at work!!
Sorry guys.

By the end of the weekend there’s going to be so much information posted to people’s websites and blogs that I’m not going to know where to look.
I can’t wait to find out the title for EP VIII. All previous film titles have given a good indication of where the film should be heading so it could be quite revealing in itself.

A lot of information will hopefully be coming out of the ‘Future Film Maker’s’ panel on Sunday that Rian Johnson is attending. His presence on the panel suggests lots of goodies about Ep VIII but how much of that info makes it out of that panel is yet to be seen.

I have been watching some of the live stream on youtube. An hour with Mark Hamill was very amusing. Unfortunately they will not be live streaming the Future Film maker’s panel. Yet another indication that things will be revealed about Ep VIII that they don’t want generally released yet.

Anyway, I took the time to embellish my winter jacket during the Mark Hamill hour.
Sorry kids but not sorry!!


I’ve also been having a think about where I’m taking my current fanfiction.
It’s sitting at 3 chapters and 8625 words and getting to that point has been simpler than I expected but I’ve written myself into a situation I’m not quite sure how to get out of.
I had wanted to end at 4 chapters but with the ideas going around in my head it could well make it to 5!

For anyone interested follow this link to read it … Balance and Power

Right, back to the live streaming and some ironing. Yes! me ironing. Don’t die of shock.
My Mother is away for a week and I am determined to keep the washing pile down!!

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