General diary entries


Initial worry over Dharma’s finger has now subsided.
It does look nicely swollen but she’s not in agony. I’ve splinted it and taped it and she’s happy to give it another 24 hours.
We’ll re-evaluate the situation after school tomorrow.

Right, back to enjoying my day off.
I got some tidying and shopping done before Dharma came home and now I know we’re not going to the hospital, I have cracked open a cold pint of lager and I’m going to make a start on chapter 3 of my third piece of fanfiction.

My first piece was a quick one shot of about 1000 words and my second piece got me up to just over 1300 words.

I have been bitten by a bug and when a little idea came to me the other night I decided to start writing.
It’s a planned 3-4 chapter piece although at this point I have absolutely no idea how it’s going to end!!
It’s called Balance and Power. Again it’s set in the Star Wars TFA universe BUT the events of TFA have never happened and Kylo has a twin called Ben.

I have become a little braver with the whole relationship side of things between Hux and Kylo and there is even a little kissing but apart from ‘suggesting’ anything else I haven’t been brave enough to write a full on love scene.
Watch this space.

I have posted the first 2 chapters on AO3 and I’m currently up to just over 5400 words.
Click HERE if you would like to take a peek and please, if you read it, leave a comment.
I really want to know if people are enjoying my style. Be honest. I need all the encouragement and advice I can get at the moment.

Chapter three is going to be exceptionally difficult to write.
I have a vague idea of where I want to take it but I now have Hux, Kylo and Ben thrown into the mix. How far should I take it?
Only time will tell. Give me a few more beers and I may just throw caution to the wind!

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