General diary entries


I was actually enjoying the day.
Had a lovely lay in.
Spent a little time on the PC with my morning cuppa.
Was contemplating getting my arse into gear to clean the house from top to bottom as it’s pretty minging at the moment.

Then I get a missed phone call from school informing me that they are a little concerned that Dharma has injured a finger on her left hand after shutting it in the front door on her way out of it this morning. It’s looking quite swollen. They’ve iced it and thought we should know.

Just so long as they don’t expect me to collect her from school early.
She’s hurt a finger on her non dominant hand. She hasn’t exactly broken a leg.

I can see it now. There will be lots of should we shouldn’t we thrown around for an hour or two after school and then I’m going to end up in that bloody A+E department again!!
An A+E department that has been incredibly busy over the last few weeks.
When you work at the hospital, the last thing you want to do is spend your day off there too!!

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