General diary entries


So I went to work this morning with ideas filling my head for another fiction I’ve started writing.
I really would have LOVED to stay home and do some writing but a 12.5 hour shift was calling.
Thankfully it was a fairly busy day although I did manage to scribble down some ideas before I forgot about them.

Anyway, I have to keep my phone on silent at work and I only keep it on me for emergencies with the family or for something to do during my breaks.
By lunchtime I was becoming increasing frustrated with the amount of vibrate alerts I was getting. After a quick look I knew it wasn’t family trying to get hold of me so I ignored the alerts until mid afternoon.
When I finally managed to sit down and take a look at what had been brewing I realised that Tumblr had gone absolutely mental over a new piece of information retrieved out of a new Star Wars novel ‘Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig’

It would appear that my beloved General Hux has finally been given a first name.

Mmm, really? I don’t know. I can’t make my mind up. The first thing that springs to mind is the company name Amitage Shanks that makes toilets and sinks and is also cockney slang for a shower and a w##k!
The first name of a General of the First Order it is not!

It would appear that Hux is also the bastard son of Brendol Hux. We already knew that Brendol Hux was his Father but in the book Brendol is quoted as describing Armitage as “A weak willed boy, thin as a slip of paper and just as useless. But I’ll teach him. You’ll see. He has potential”

So our precious General is definately going to have Daddy issues and this is why he is as cold and determined as he is in TFA.

Naturally all the jokes have started on Tumblr and it’s very amusing!!
I’m now waiting for the fiction writers to cash in on it. Come to think of it, it could be incorporated into my own piece that I’m currently writing although personally I’m not going to believe it until I hear it stated in a movie!

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