General diary entries


I love being a part of fandoms.
I always have done.

Star Trek, Stargate, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, LOTR, Charmed, Highlander, the list goes on and as soon as I started earning my own money I started doing conventions.
Back in the early 90’s  I actually joined a Star Trek club.
I married the Captain of the club in 1994!

My current absolute top of the fandom list is Star Wars… no surprise there!!
I suppose it’s actually a resurfacing of one of my earliest Fandoms although back in the late 70’s and early 80’s there was no internet.
I had to scrape what I could from magazines or catch snippets on TV from only 3 channels that I couldn’t even record.

It’s a different story today.
With the release of Star Wars the force awakens last Xmas and the promise of at least 1 Star Wars film a year for the foreseable future, Fandom has gone a little nuts!
So have I.

It’s so easy to become obsessed these days.
Information is so readily available that it’s impossible not to stay up to date with news about eagerly awaited films and favourite actors.

Take this photo for example.


That’s Adam. My favourite obsession, arriving back at JFK yesterday!!
That means his filming for Star Wars EpVIII is finished and he will now undoubtedly be joining Lena Dunham and Co to do some filming for Girls season 6 and preparing to film ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ with Terry Gilliam.

That kind of information was something I could only dream about as a kid and yet here it is, less than 24 hours after being taken, for the whole world to see and speculate about, not a single magazine involved, just a few clicks of a computer keyboard.

Now, what’s all this about not doing pink and fluffy I hear you cry?

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that…..
1 – I obsess frequently.
2 – I love Tumblr – The greatest place for an obsessive to frequent.
3 – I have started reading (and attempting to write) fanfiction. Specifically Kylo Ren and General Hux related fanfiction.
4 – I love all the artwork and cartoons relating to said fanfiction.

BUT….. over the last few days….. thanks to the new Lego Star Wars game, something unforgivable has happened to General Hux.

Technically it started a while ago when Domhnall Gleeson told the story about the pink balloon in ‘About Time’

Pink Balloon
GIF by

He has been quoted as saying “I don’t know. Pink balloons just, I don’t know. There’s something really sweet about them. They’re very innocent and beautiful

After this revelation, pink balloons started cropping up in General Hux/Kylo artwork and the occasional Hux/Kylo related fiction and I could live with that.

BUT…..Lego have gone too far!!

As caps and GIF’s of the game started appearing, it became quite clear that Lego were having way too much fun at Hux’s expence.

I could just about handle the fact that Hux has a sweet tooth and has an officer who follows him around with an ice cream cart…. however….

Lego Hux 1

Lego Hux 2

Aerobics Hux is not something I want on my dash!!

Lego Hux 3

And because of this, my Tumblr dash has become completely pink and fluffy!!

I can understand Domhnall being described as pink and fluffy.
He’s a very bubbly, pink and fluffy and completely irrisistable kind of personality.



Hux 2

A Megolomaniacal, genocidal General!! DEFINATELY NOT PINK AND FLUFFY!!!

It’s killing my Hux buzz.
After all the fiction I’ve been reading recently, it’s going to be very difficult to stay composed if General Hux and Kylo Ren share any screen time in Episode VIII and now I’m going to be dealing with pink icecream, pink balloons and yellow effing spandex in the back of my head!!

Fandom can take some very random turns sometimes.


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