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Yet again, Tumblr delivers!!!!
A huge thank you to @adamndriver for pointing me in the direction of a digital copy of Not Waving But Drowning.
The last piece I just had to see in the Adam Driver jigsaw puzzle of back catalogue of work.

Now, how was the film?

I have to say that at the end of the day it wasn’t really my type of film.
Apart from the scenes involving Adam, I couldn’t sit through it as a whole piece again.
It was trying to be a little too artsy for my liking.

The film starts with an odd mini film entitled ‘The Most Girl Part of You’ and tells the story of a boy in the days following his mothers suicide and how his relationship with his best friend Amy develops. Their childhood disappears.
Sweet little film, if a little bit disturbing!!

Not waving but drowning tells the story of 2 girls, close friends, who had plans to go to New York together.
It doesn’t go to plan, only one makes it to New York and the other gets left behind at home. They are seperated for the first time in their lives and expectations about life and growing up are tested.
Phone conversations are the friends only connection over the summer.

Adele, the one that makes it to New York, quickly has her dreams dashed as nothing goes to plan but she does end up striking up an odd friendship with a work colleague, Adam… played by Adam Driver.

The whole film was, for me, a little bit soul destroying.
How many young people fly the nest to seek out their dreams only to get them smashed into the ground before they really get a chance to take off?

No, not a film I could seriously watch again.
For me the highlight was undoubtedly Adam!!
I know, I’m biased, but seriously, this guy never puts a foot wrong in anything he does.

In this film he plays Adam, a socially awkward young man who plucks up the courage to ask Adele out. He’s honest and sweet and feels like a very lonely character.
Things seem to be going along nicely for the pair and then she pulls the rug out from under him! There’s nothing nasty in the way she does it, the scene is very sweet, set in the middle of Central Park. She just takes a casual dump all over his feelings.

Adam is mega cute in this film and you just want to give him the biggest hug by the end of it.
I went a little bit silly with some caps this morning.

Overall, not the most riveting film I’ve ever watched but Adam makes it worth it!!

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