General diary entries


The sun is out.
That can only mean one thing….. I’m going to have to tackled the grass in the front garden.
It is quite literally up to my hips. Every time I have wanted to do it in the last few weeks it’s decided to rain but today is looking promising.
I just need to motivate myself a little.

I’ve spent the morning writing again!!
My little piece of fan fiction that I posted on AO3 the other day has had some promising feedback and I felt inspired to write the story from a different perspective.
That’s exactly what I did this morning.

Again, for anyone interested, you can follow THIS LINK to read it.
If you missed the first part you can follow THIS LINK to read it.

My only warning is that if you are uncomfortable with male only relationships then the stories aren’t for you. There’s no intimacy details or even a single kiss in either of the stories but they are male only based.

So that’s my fun over with for today.
Time to think about some chores and that blasted garden!!

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