General diary entries


I can’t believe it.
Did we really just make that decision.

The hubby came in and told me to check out the Somerset house Film 4 movie season.
He swore blind he saw Ex-Machina in the advert and he was right!!

Turns out that Ex-Machina and the original Robocop are scheduled to air on our anniversary on the 6th August.
Great we thought.
Then we found out the price. Just short of £23 per ticket.
No seating is provided. You are welcome to bring blankets but no chairs of any kind are permitted.
As an outdoor event there’s no guarantee of weather either.
Then we have to think about travel and possibly a night’s stay somewhere.

Stuff it. The decision was made.
We have both movies on Bluray, a 55 inch tv and sound bar to watch them on, the comfort of our own sofa, no chance of rain, a fridge we can stock with booze and a cupboard stocked with nibbles.
August 6th is already a done deal…… at home.
Just have to palm the kids off on Nanny!!

Now I’m really beginning to feel my age!!!

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