General diary entries


Nobody likes being teased.
I’ve always tried to stand up to bullies and have taught my kids to stand up to bullies and defend people being bullied.

There’s nothing worse than someone taking pleasure in dangling something just within reach only to snatch it away and enjoy the pained, exasperated reaction.

Well that’s what will be happening to every Star Wars fan in July apparantly.

Looks like a ‘Teaser’ is being released for Star Wars Episode VIII at the Star Wars Celebration event in London next month over the weekend of 15th, 16th and 17th.

I can see it now…….
A recap of images from Episode VII….. long slow shots of amazing vistas…… some incredible music…… and then just when you’re hooked….. about 2 seconds of actual footage from Episode VIII and BAM!!! That’s it for another year!!

Tumblr and the internet will go crazy analysing the possibilities of the new footage.
Hundreds more theories will abound.
Old theories will be debunked.
Fans will be driven crazy.

Lucasfilm are nothing short of BULLIES!!

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