General diary entries


The past week has trudged along as normal.

I had a little health scare when I developed a tremble in my left arm that left me feeling quite jittery for a few days.
I went to have my blood pressure checked and ended up being placed onto a 24 hour monitor.
Luckily that showed I actually have a pretty healthy blood pressure and averaged 115/75 during my waking hours and just 98/60 when I was sleeping.

I spent all day Friday tackling some hot flushes and I had more than one person say that I could be pre-menopausal!!
I think they may be right.
That’s just what I need. I still feel like a teenager in my head but for the last few years my body has been failing me and this is a nail in the coffin of my youth.
Not that I’m going to let it get me down.
I plan to be the most embarassing but cool Grandparent in history!
My kids are scared.

Holly updated ‘Under the Ruins of a Walled City’ and left me wanting to give Ren the biggest hug imaginable followed by the biggest slap telling him to ‘snap out of it!! Hux needs him!!’
Anyway, I’m going to go back to ‘Life Sentence, No Cellmate’and start from the beginning again as Holly has gone on a short break so there will be a small delay before she updates again.
I have to do something otherwise the wait will kill me!

Anyway, the biggest decision of the week was made today.
My brother is getting married in Tuscany next August and I was hoping to get me and Ian and all 3 of the kids out there for a short break.
However, with Ian’s change of position at work this year and some unexpected expences due to car breakdowns etc, we weighed things up and decided that it was wishful thinking.
None of us even has a passport so that’s nearly £500 before we’ve even started.

So, I will be going on my own but tagging along with Mum and Dad.
It’s a bonus for me as Mum and Dad are going out a week earlier so I will actually get a longer stay in Italy and will be more likely to get to places like Florence and Pisa and possibly Rome.

The downside is that Ian will be left with the kids for a week and a half!!
None of them know what tidy up after themselves means!!

Right, time to snuggle up for the evening and tackle some fiction before work tomorrow.
Three 12.5 hour shifts in 4 days…. at least I have a nice long weekend to look forward to!

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