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Only another 12 hours to go!!

12 hours of this bloody BP machine taking my blood pressure!!
Surely just having this thing going off every half hour is enough to raise your blood pressure.

I’ve been feeling a little ‘odd’ for the last few days and then when I developed a noticeable tremor in my left arm at work yesterday I began to get a little worried.
I was still feeling a bit jittery this morning when Mum came round and suggested that maybe I should get my blood pressure checked because high blood pressure runs in the family.

I popped along to the local walk in centre and was thankfully seen by a nurse within 10 minutes.
She took my pressure three times and the diastolic was consistantly high so she announced that she wanted me to wear a 24 hour monitor, sooner rather than later.
As they don’t do this over the weekend and my next day off is Tuesday, she decided that today was probably the best choice.
It will mean it won’t be on for quite 24 hours and I will be a little late into work tomorrow, but at least it will be done.

This thing is so uncomfortable.
I didn’t sleep last night because I was feeling off and I’m certainly not going to be sleeping tonight with this thing going off every half hour.
I’m going to be a Zombie tomorrow.

I plan to spend the evening reading some Kylux fiction…. that should give some interesting BP readings!!

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