General diary entries


It’s been an odd week.
Nothing much happening.

Highlight of the week so far was the chapter update on ‘Under the Ruins of a Walled City’.

Work has not been too bad.
I had a training day on Weds which was different. Nice break from the norm.

Marjorie wanted to see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie so we took her last night.
I would like to say I enjoyed it like I did the first one but unfortunately I can’t.
It wasn’t too bad but I think they tried to do too much with it.

Anyway, I have found myself smiling at the oddest moments.
Driving on my own, walking the halls of the hospital, doing a bit of housework.
I think it’s all down to the fan fiction I’ve become addicted to.
I have become very invested in two characters and every now and again I’ll remember a bit of fluff from a story and there’s the smile!

I certainly won’t be able to prepare a stew for a while without grinning like a Cheshire cat thanks to the Children Wake Up Series!!! Thanks Holly!!!

I’m sat here on a break at work. Another 12.5 hour shift.
I have the weekend off. Ian is doing a bit of Armada gaming tomorrow. I may have to think about the garden at some point. It’s beginning to look like a jungle…. literally. I’ll post some before and after pics.
Other than that, I plan to be very chilled indeed.

Poor Paula is sat here with me regretting asking me about Star Wars but gratiously letting me rave on about Kylo’s tantrums and the moment I fell in love with him when he takes his helmet off!!
Don’t think she’ll ask again but at least it’s out of my system again for a while.

Just got to get through the rest of today.

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