General diary entries


Chores done.
Time to relax and recharge batteries for the next two days at work.

Treated myself to a couple of movies today.
It’s going to be a pretty tough going getting through these this afternoon.
Lots of doom and gloom.

The Revenant
Saw it at the cinema and was very impressed. My husband didn’t like it though so I can’t see him wanting to curl up on the sofa and watch it.


Good film made even better by the fact that Domhnall Gleeson is in it!!

Revenant 2

And Macbeth.
I haven’t seen this one yet and it’s one Shakespeare play that I’ve never actually seen or read!!
Michael Fassbender is Macbeth so how I could I not give it a go!!


This is all leading to an update on ‘Under the Ruins of a Walled City’ that has been promised for this evening.

So not only will my heart get a pounding during the movies this afternoon, it will probably get well and truly stamped on this evening!!

Can’t wait.

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