General diary entries


And this is why I have blogged very little this week.

12.5 hour shift on my feet on Saturday.
All day on my feet at MCM Comic Con on Sunday.
12.5 hour shift on my feet on Monday.
A bit of housework and a relatively quiet day on Tuesday.
12.5 hour shift on my feet on Wednesday.
A relaxing day where I stupidly felt the need for a power walk on Thursday.
12.5 hour shift on my feet today.

and I have another 12.5 hours to do tomorrow!!
My poor knee doesn’t know what’s hit it.
Think I’m running on adrenalin right about now.

Sunday is definately going to be a movie day.
I’m also hoping that Holly updates ‘Under the Ruins of a Walled City’ so I can have a good Kylux fix!

At least I came home from work to find this on my Tumblr Dash!

So happy with himself!! yt-1300f
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Adam just looks so happy with himself!
Sent me to bed with a smile on my face.

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  1. yt-1300F is one of my FAVORITE Tumblr blogs. I like how just seeing something as simple as Adam’s goofiness in a gif can make you feel good. Glad there are others like me. 🙂

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