General diary entries


We’ve just had a wonderful day doing something we haven’t done for around 8 years.
We made a last minute decision to go to the MCM Comic Con in London.

In hindsight, not the greatest move financially!!
So glad we didn’t do the whole weekend, it would have broken us.

As it was, I had one thing I was aiming for and I got it.
Meet the black series Kylo Ren helmet.

Me Kylo Helmet

The voice changer is……. crap….. to be honest…… but I didn’t get it for the voice changer.
I was looking for a display piece to go on top of our glass display cases in the dining room and for me, the black series helmet certainly looks the best.

Anyway, we ‘were’ going to steer cleer of autographs and photos because of the cost ‘but’ we had Marjorie with us for her first show.
She found someone she absolutely adores and he wasn’t actually ripping you off for autographs or photos, so we made Andrew Lee Potts our one exception.

Marjorie was happy!

I was happy too.
Not only did I get my photo taken with some wonderful Imperial Troops.
I got my photo taken with Kylo Ren.

Kylo and Me


That admiral on my left was quite large, very close and very intimidating, he was lovely!
I looked petrified.

I’m lucky I didn’t have a heart attack today.
Apart from the money we spent, I encountered a Titan.

Comic Con 4

This guy was wearing a really effective body stocking and I just had to get a photo that he posed for wonderfully.
I thanked him and headed back to Marjorie unaware that he was following me.
Marjorie was grinning at me as I showed her the photo and little did I realise that he had parked himself right behind me and brought his face in close to mine.
When Marjorie pointed at him, I turned, literally bumped nose to nose with the guy and screamed!!
Yep, in the middle of the packed concourse he made me scream. But then he hugged me which was OK…. weird but OK.

By mid afternoon we were finished. Mentally, physically and financially.
To avoid being tempted into spending anything else we headed home.
I’ll leave you with the few photos we had the opportunity of taking.

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