General diary entries


I can’t remember the last time I blogged about attending a Collector Fayre.
It must be literally years!

Well, a last minute decision has been made to attend MCM Comic Con in London on Sunday.
At least one of the kids has decided she wants to go with us so we haven’t completely failed in our attempt to drag the kids to the dark side!

I’m actually getting quite excited about it although it’s going to hit the credit cards HARD!!

I can’t believe how expensive things have got since we last did a show.
They are asking £40 – 50 per autograph and £50 – 60 per photo opportunity on average.

I can safely say we’ll be steering clear of autographs and photo ops and sticking to wandering around the dealers tables and enjoying all the cosplayers.

I want to have a nose around for some nice movie memorabilia display pieces.
We could do with some Star Wars helmets to finish off the cabinet displays in the dining room. Kylo, Stormtroopers maybe even a Darth Vader.

I would seriously love to get a look at a black series lightsabre although I don’t think I can justify buying one!

No, I’ll be looking for some fun things.
Maybe even a General Hux cap so I can cosplay with Ian…. in private!!

I don’t think he’d go for the knee high boots though.

Bring it on!!


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