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I’ve mentioned ‘Hungry Hearts’ often enough in the last few months, so I thought it was about time I actually gave it an official review.

Like I’ve also said before, one of the best things about becoming a little obsessed with an actor is that when you go through their back catalogue of work you will occasionally find a little gem!

Hungry hearts 2

‘Hungry Hearts’ is one such gem and Adam and his co-star Alba Rohrwacher actually won best actor awards for it at the Venice Film Festival back in 2014.

With the tag line ‘What wouldn’t a Mother do for her son’, it tells the story of Jude and Mina who meet completely by accident and in a rather embarassing way.
They fall completely in love with each other and after Mina falls pregnant they get married.

Hungry hearts 3

That is where the fairy tale ends.

It is soon abundantly clear that Mina is mentally ill and Jude is forced to choose between loving his wife and protecting his son.

It is an absolutely stunning film with amazing performances by both Adam and Alba.
You get dragged along through all the frustration that Jude feels when trying and failing to get help.
Ultimately the film has a heartbreaking twist and again, trying not to be biased in anyway, Adam literally ‘nails’ his performance and rips your heart in two.

One of the sweetest moments in the film is when Jude sings to his new wife in Italian.
Probably the one and only time we will ever get to hear Adam singing!!

If you’re looking for a good drama with a little romance thrown in and powerful performances all round, then ‘Hungry Hearts’ is the one to choose.

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