Dishette of the Weeks


After posting Daisy Ridley as Dishette of the week number 3, there could only be one choice for Dishette number 4. Carrie Fisher.

Carrie 4

What an amazing woman.

Born in 1956 and the daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.
She hasn’t had an easy life and has really struggled with her fame.

Eddie Fisher left Debbie when Carrie was just 3 years old and married Debbie’s best friend Elizabeth Taylor.

She has been quoted as saying ‘she would have turned down the role of Princess Leia had she realized it would give her the celebrity status that made her parents’ lives difficult’

Her Mother’s acting career interfered with Carrie’s education so much that she never graduated.
That said, Carrie has gone on to become a prolific writer of original work.
She writes screenplays, most noteably the semi autobiographical ‘Postcards from the Edge’ for which she wrote the book and the screenplay for the film of the same title in 1990 which was nominated for 2 Academy Awards.

Carrie has been very upfront about her problems with drugs and her struggle with bipolar disorder.
She has also struggled with her weight and let’s face it, who hasn’t!!

She is now what I would class as ‘a bit of an eccentric.
She now appears comfortable in her own skin, says what she thinks ‘regardless’ and takes her little dog ‘Gary’ everywhere. And I do mean everywhere!

Carrie 5
Poor Adam!! Looking a bit out of place holding Gary!!

Anyway, whether she likes it or not, she will always be know to us as Princess Leia.

A New Hope.

Carrie 1

Empire Strikes Back.

Carrie 3

Return of the Jedi.

Carrie 2

And now, 30 years later, The Force Awakens.

Carrie 7

Only now she is not a princess, she’s a General.
And as Lor San Tekka said, ‘to me, she is Royalty’

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