General diary entries


I’m getting a little bit pissed off now with all the ‘Pro-EU referendum crap being thrown at us by the media and indeed the government who have spent my hard earned money on sending out pro-EU documents to every voter in the country.

Why are the media and government not giving us the opinions of people who DON’T want to stay?
Why are we being force fed opinions from people who just don’t have a fucking clue what the people are feeling right now.

My 18 year old daughter who is voting for the first time was sent a Government flyer reminding her of how improtant it is to vote.
She ALREADY knows the importance of her vote. I’ve made it perfectly clear to all my girls that they should respect what women went through to even be able to vote so I don’t expect them to waste it.

The flyer then went on to give opinions from various people about why we should stay.
AT NO POINT was there an opinion of someone who wanted to leave.

So I binned it.

When my daughter asked me how she should vote, I gave her ‘my opinion’ and then told her to do her research and make up her own mind.

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