General diary entries


Before I went back out to work 8 years ago after being a stay home Mum for around 12 years, I was kind of a failed Graphic Designer who ended up in Customer Services.

I say failed Graphic Designer because I did 2 years with a computer Graphic Design company in the days when it was not possible to do business Graphics ‘in house’.
After 2 years at Graphic Design college, I never picked up a pencil again!

Then, when I moved to be with my then boyfriend, I simply gave up and got the only jobs I could in customer services for various stores.

During my time out as a Mum, I re-discovered my love of artwork.. BUT.. I still didn’t pick up a pencil. I did it all with a computer.
For a few years I actually sold my artwork to help fund going to conventions with my husband.

A3 Johnny Depp Montage

A3 Classic Crew

I worked with Corel Draw and a very old paint package called Photostyler.
I loved the way photostyler wasn’t too clean with it’s finish and left images looking like oil paintings.
Sadly this is lost to me now as Photostyler simply will not run on up to date Microsoft products.
I don’t have the patience to learn Photoshop and when I look at the amazing artwork that is being produced by talented youngsters on Tumblr now, I simply couldn’t compete anymore.
So I collect their artwork instead!

One thing I always knew while doing this artwork is that I just LOVE faces!
I loved the eyes and the smiles and I loved collecting images to work with.
Working on them in close up was very personal.

This is one facination that remains to this day.
I love faces.
I particularly love smiles that make eyes light up, cheeky grins and fun loving actors.

So my facination continues through my obsessions and with each obsession comes a need to not only find out as much as I can about an actor and his back catalogue of work but to collect images.
Official promotional images, photo shoots, candids, everything!

It struck me like a ton of bricks today that I may have a little problem.
Call it a mid-life crisis if you will, but looking over some of my obsessions over the last few years I have noticed something.

In 4 years, I have collected 961 images of Karl Urban.

Obsession Karl

In 2 years, I have collected 742 images of Joel Kinnaman.

Obsession Joel

But…. and here is my problem…. in just 5 months, 153 days to be precise, I have already collected 771 images of Adam Driver!!! Over 70 of those have been in just the last couple of days, eclipsing Joel and at the rate I’ve been collecting them, it’s just a matter of time before he eclipses Karl too!
That’s an average of 5 images per day consistently since december 18th.
This obsession is not going away anytime soon!!

Obsession Adam

To be honest, I don’t want it to.
I collect images like some people collect stamps.

As I sit here thinking about it, I’m seriously considering dusting off the old pencil set and practicing some sketching again.
I’m really rusty and don’t know if I’ll have the patience for anything but it will be fun trying!

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