General diary entries


Oh dear.
Chilling out after a long day at work, with a bottle of wine and Youtube, knowing I haven’t got to get up for anything tomorrow beyond kicking the kids out to school, is a recipe for disaster.

As I type this, I’m suddenly sounding very Irish as I read it through in my head.
Could it be an overload of Domhnall Gleeson Youtube clips?

I think so.

Going through Domhnall’s back catalogue of films and finding them on Amazon and purchasing at the click of a button has become all too easy.
Gone are the days of having to save money and wait for a trip to London to get hard to find films.
Now, there are countless ways of discovering and ordering films.
The good thing about Amazon is that they will deliver to Prime customers the next day if possible so I have one film to look forward to tomorrow and two on Thursday!

This could explain how my film collection is now up over 1300!!

Just to put a smile on your face, here is Domhnall and his Daddy Brendan and Brother Brian giving a hilarious tribute to Anne Clarke who received a Special Tribute Award at the Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards in 2015.

And now I really must call it a night….. well…. maybe just another chapter or two of Ceasefire!! (yes, I’m on my second reading as I wait for updates on Under the Ruins of a Walled City)

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