General diary entries


The thought of it is exhausting.
Not the places you get to experience but the actual travelling from A to B.

I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to be working at each stop.

Adam Driver is on a bit of a whirlwind trip at the moment and I’m exhausted for him just thinking about it.

He flew into Belfast for filming on Star Wars VIII on the 13th but has apparently been given a break in filming to travel to Cannes to promote ‘Paterson’ that gets shown in competition today.

Presumably he will be heading back to Belfast to continue his schedule on Star Wars VIII.
I can’t imagine that being there for just two days initially was all that was needed!

Looks like he may be on his own too.
No sign of Joanne in any of the photos but as she’s probably got her own filming schedule to tackle back home it’s not that surprising.

Anyway, he’s looking relaxed and happy.
Just look at this perfect cupcake!!



Looks like Joanne is supporting her man after all.
That would explain why he looks so happy!!


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