General diary entries


It’s been a lovely day today.

Nice relaxing morning.
Pottering around the kitchen getting things ready for a turkey dinner that Mum and Dad were coming to.

It was to be a late dinner as Dad wanted to watch the last of the season’s football before he came round and we don’t have sports on our TV package.
So Mum came around before him and watched a film with me.

I introduced her to the world of Domhnall Gleeson!!
I picked a film I knew she’d love, About Time.
We sat and had a real chuckle as the dinner cooked and then peace was shattered when Dad arrived drawing the kids out of their pits salivating for food.

Dinner was lovely and we all had a laugh around the table before Mum and Dad had to go.

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence arrived early and on a Sunday too!
Privilege of a Prime account and the warehouse literally being just a couple of miles down the road!
So I’ve just sat and watched it.
Still brings a lump to my throat at the end.

Anyway, one last browse on the internet for the day before heading to bed to read some fan fiction and I stumble across an image of Harrison Ford behind the scenes of the filming for Empire Strikes Back in 1980.
I just had to sit it next to this image of Adam Driver.

Father Son

It’s uncanny!! Like Father like Son!
Adam was an inspired piece of casting for Ben Solo/Kylo Ren.

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