General diary entries


I’ve just made my way through two 12.5 hour and fairly busy shifts on my feet.
I knew I had the weekend off but I was convinced I was back at work on Monday.
Turns out I’m not back in until Tuesday!!

So, an indulgent weekend it is then.

I started with an incredible lay in until 10 am.
This is unheard of.
I can barely make it to 8 am these days.

The house is clean and tidy after the spring cleaning for the inspection.
There’s just a bit of tweeking to do after the attack on the kitchen for dinner last night.

I’ve got the parents coming over for a turkey dinner tomorrow so a quick trip to Tesco for some provisions is on the cards as is a haircut for me.
When I have to start styling with a brush it’s too long! Can’t be doing with it.

Other than that, I plan to put my feet up with the odd bottle of wine and indulge myself in movies.

My little collection of Domhnall Gleeson movies increased by four this week with the arrival of About Time, Unbroken, Sensation and Never Let Me Go.

I have to say that ‘About Time’ is wonderful.
Complete chick flick and gangly, awkward, foot in my mouth Gleeson is amazing in it!
‘About Time’ is to Gleeson what ‘This is Where I Leave You’ is to Adam Driver.
Outside of Star Wars I think these are my favourite films starring them.

With ‘Sensation’ I finally got to see Domhnall in a film using his natural accent!!
Once I’d gotten over the fact that he was a kitten killer, I found the film a to be a little dark and depressing but a wonderful showcase for Domhnall’s acting ability.

Got to love the Irish accent.
Here he is on the correct pronunciation of his name.

Unbroken was just painful to watch.
It tells the true story of Olympian, Louis Zamperini who survives a plane crash during WWII with two other crew mates. Two of them survive for 47 days at sea only to be caught by the Japanese Navy, tortured and sent to prisoner of war camps.

Domhnall played ‘Phil’, the other crew mate that survives the ordeal at sea and the torture. They then got split up and sent to different camps.

Domhnall lost so much weight to play the part that apparently his contact lenses didn’t even fit correctly.
There is one scene where they are forced to strip down and I swear I almost cried because he was so thin.
He’s a tall slim man to begin with so the weight loss just accentuated his skeleton. It was heartbreaking.

Anyway, if I can drag myself away from this fan-fiction that I’ve become addicted to, I feel another showing of Star Wars TFA may be on the cards at some point this weekend.

I will be finishing off on Monday evening with a trip to the cinema for a preview showing of ‘Me Before You’ ahead of it’s June release.
Think I’m going to need a big box of tissues for this one.

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