General diary entries


So, last night I had to have a chuckle while watching Britains Got Talent.
Simon’s dreams came true when they were confronted with a troop of dancing Stormtroopers.
I have to say that it says a lot about the Star Wars fandom with the response they got from the audience that ultimately influenced Simon’s decision to push the Gold buzzer.
They were fun, they were definately entertaining but I have to say we’ve seen better dance troops.
Anyway, I found myself chuckling and cheering along with everyone else.

I particularly loved this stormtrooper’s little curtsy at the end.

I have to say, I’m curious as to what they will do in the finals.

Anyway, back to this evening.

I’ve had a day of tidying and gardening in preparation for our inspection on Wednesday.
I’ve had a good long soak in the tub with some fan-fiction for company and now I’m absolutely starving.
I’m off to MK with the hubby shortly for some dinner at Wagamamas and then we are finishing the evening watching Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie, Demolition.

It has been a good day.

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