General diary entries


There are some mornings, particularly after just completing 2 x 12.5 hour shifts on my feet, that I just want a bit of quiet.
Absolute silence….. my morning coffee….. my internet….. and that is it.

Unfortunately, this morning,  it was not to be.
I did get a little lay in until around 08:30 because Ian was on a half day because of an MRI appointment so he kicked the kids out of bed for me.

One by one I heard them leaving and when it had gone completely quiet, I took my queue to get up, have a quick wash and get dressed.
Then my heart sank a little.
I heard my Mother arriving.


Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE MY MOTHER!!
She keeps me in check.
She keeps my washing going and gets my ironing done and as much as I keep telling her not to, she tackles the kids rooms too! She just can’t stop herself.
This all means that on my days off I have little to think about except a little light housework and maybe a Tesco shop to top up on the food.

Except on a day like this, when all I want is absolute silence, my Mother is banging around the house and constantly talking and asking questions.
My mind is screaming at me to tell her to SHUT THE ‘F’ UP!!!
I love my Mother.
I appreciate immensely what she does for me.
I’m lucky to still have her.

So I tell my mind to SHUT THE ‘F’ UP!!!!

I got myself ready do a Tesco shop and she finished everything she wanted to do this morning and we both left the house at the same time.
She’ll be back tomorrow.
I know this, because she left a load of washing going.
She won’t be able to resist ironing in the morning!!

Anyway, it is so sunny out there today that I put the top down on the car, pumped up the volume on the music and blasted the cobwebs away with a bit of Panic at the Disco as I did a quick Tesco run!!

I am now home to a quiet house…… finally.
A bit of lunch and a couple of hours to myself and possibly some fan fiction that has been recommended to me.

Although I’m celebrating on Revenge of the 5th with a few of Murron’s mates and Episodes 4 – 7 back to back!


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