Month: May 2016


So, a 12.5 hour shift on my feet on Saturday followed by non stop walking around the Comic Con on Sunday followed by another 12.5 hour shift on my feet today does not make for a happy knee!!

I have a day off to recover tomorrow and apart from a little housework in the morning and a quick trip to Tesco, I plan to put my feet up and watch movies all day.


Just can’t make my mind up as to what or who I’m in the mood for!!

Maybe do a little blogging.
Maybe spend some time….. ok quite a bit of time on Tumblr.


Maybe spend some time reading Kylux fics.

Brilcrist 1
Amazing artwork by!!
Highly recommend checking them out on
This piece though!! Oh I may just have to go and read Ceasefire again.

Sounds like a perfect day.


We’ve just had a wonderful day doing something we haven’t done for around 8 years.
We made a last minute decision to go to the MCM Comic Con in London.

In hindsight, not the greatest move financially!!
So glad we didn’t do the whole weekend, it would have broken us.

As it was, I had one thing I was aiming for and I got it.
Meet the black series Kylo Ren helmet.

Me Kylo Helmet

The voice changer is……. crap….. to be honest…… but I didn’t get it for the voice changer.
I was looking for a display piece to go on top of our glass display cases in the dining room and for me, the black series helmet certainly looks the best.

Anyway, we ‘were’ going to steer cleer of autographs and photos because of the cost ‘but’ we had Marjorie with us for her first show.
She found someone she absolutely adores and he wasn’t actually ripping you off for autographs or photos, so we made Andrew Lee Potts our one exception.

Marjorie was happy!

I was happy too.
Not only did I get my photo taken with some wonderful Imperial Troops.
I got my photo taken with Kylo Ren.

Kylo and Me


That admiral on my left was quite large, very close and very intimidating, he was lovely!
I looked petrified.

I’m lucky I didn’t have a heart attack today.
Apart from the money we spent, I encountered a Titan.

Comic Con 4

This guy was wearing a really effective body stocking and I just had to get a photo that he posed for wonderfully.
I thanked him and headed back to Marjorie unaware that he was following me.
Marjorie was grinning at me as I showed her the photo and little did I realise that he had parked himself right behind me and brought his face in close to mine.
When Marjorie pointed at him, I turned, literally bumped nose to nose with the guy and screamed!!
Yep, in the middle of the packed concourse he made me scream. But then he hugged me which was OK…. weird but OK.

By mid afternoon we were finished. Mentally, physically and financially.
To avoid being tempted into spending anything else we headed home.
I’ll leave you with the few photos we had the opportunity of taking.


I’ve been waiting for the right film or the right play or the right interview to truly explain to my friends and work colleagues exactly why I’ve fallen head over heals for Adam Driver.

Not just how he looks and his truly individual acting style but everything about the man and his life.
He’s inteligent, articulate and he is truly inspirational and this video sums it all up perfectly as he explains to a live audience how he got to where he is today and how he decided to start Arts in the Armed Forces.


Check out the full video HERE

You can check out Adam’s own Arts in the Armed Foces HERE

So now, when I prattle on about him, I hope they will understand and just let me carry on.


OK, with a recent influx of newly discovered films that have become firm favourites, there have oviously been some scenes worthy of a Magic Movie Moments blog.

I just had to post this one from ‘About Time’ which makes me giggle and shows Domhnall Gleeson at his most adorable.

I couldn’t post a new Magic Movie Moment without posting the lightsabre duel in the forest at the end of The Force Awakens.
It’s a stunning scene showing lightsabres at their best.
This clip is from Youtube and has been edited to show the whole sabre sequence without the accompanying scenes.
It’s beautifully shot and wonderfully lit. They are going to have to go some to beat it in Episode VIII….. but I have faith they will!!



I can’t remember the last time I blogged about attending a Collector Fayre.
It must be literally years!

Well, a last minute decision has been made to attend MCM Comic Con in London on Sunday.
At least one of the kids has decided she wants to go with us so we haven’t completely failed in our attempt to drag the kids to the dark side!

I’m actually getting quite excited about it although it’s going to hit the credit cards HARD!!

I can’t believe how expensive things have got since we last did a show.
They are asking £40 – 50 per autograph and £50 – 60 per photo opportunity on average.

I can safely say we’ll be steering clear of autographs and photo ops and sticking to wandering around the dealers tables and enjoying all the cosplayers.

I want to have a nose around for some nice movie memorabilia display pieces.
We could do with some Star Wars helmets to finish off the cabinet displays in the dining room. Kylo, Stormtroopers maybe even a Darth Vader.

I would seriously love to get a look at a black series lightsabre although I don’t think I can justify buying one!

No, I’ll be looking for some fun things.
Maybe even a General Hux cap so I can cosplay with Ian…. in private!!

I don’t think he’d go for the knee high boots though.

Bring it on!!



I really must stop torturing myself.

I have 2 painfully slow counters on my blog that keep reminding me we still have 18 months until Ep VIII and 6 months until Rogue One.

I’m looking forward to both for different reasons.

Rogue one just looks like it’s going to be stunning.

Just look at that shot of the Star Destroyer as that shadow moves across the Death Star.

Rogue One 1

That scene with the AT-AT’s on the beach!! OMG!!

Rogue One 4

This trailer throws up so many questions that I want answered NOW!!
Is the guy in white a Grand Admiral? And is he going to be seriously badass?

Rogue One 2

Who is in that Bacta tank? He’s certainly important enough to be protected by imperial guards seen flanking the tank and who is kneeling before the Bacta tank?

Rogue One 3

Who is Jyn Erso and where does she come from?
Is Jyn Erso her real name?
Look at the insignia on her arm in that last shot…. It’s Imperial!

Rogue One 5

And who is this guy?

Rogue One 6

We know that none of these characters appear in IV, V or VI so do they all die in this film?!

Anyway, onto Episode VIII

Where do I start?
So many questions left to answer.
Who is Rey?
Who are Rey’s parents and how/why did she get left behind on Jakku?
Who is Snoke?
Kylo did not get the release he was looking for after killing Han, does he regret his actions?
Will Kylo start a long hard faught for redemption?
Will Kylo still wear a mask or will he show off his new battle scar?
Will Leia ever get to confront her son again?

Leia Kylo

Who are the Knights of Ren?

Knights of Ren

Will Hux become something more? He certainly has balls. After all, he’s certainly not afraid of Kylo Ren and with just one shot in EpVII he became the most prolific killer in Star Wars history when he took out the Hosnian System!! Could he have his eye on the Throne?…..I BLOODY HOPE SO!!!

Emperor Hux 2
Original image source

Is Luke teaching Rey? Some recent reports from filming suggests that there may be trouble brewing on Ach-to after a visit from Kylo!
How extensive is the First Order? Starkiller Base exploded with a good chunk of personel on board. What kind of an impact does that have?
Come to think of it…did Lieutenant Mitaka make it off the planet? Little nervous cutie that he is.

In my mind I have a scenario I would love to see.
Kylo redeemed (although he has to go through hell to get it). If he ever gets to hug his Mum as she forgives him I think I will just melt into a puddle and be done with life!
Hux on the throne but peace in the Galaxy as the rise of the Grey Jedi brings balance to EVERYTHING!
Kylo and Rey are the start of the Grey Jedi. They need each other to bring that balance to everything.

It’s all pie in the sky.
It’s never going to happen that way but it’s so exciting thinking about it.

I love reading all the theories people are having.
All the reports from the sets with snatched photos giving hints but nothing rock solid.
At this rate I’m going to give myself a stroke just thinking about it all which will be no good as I actually want to make it to Ep VIII!!!