General diary entries


So, Captain America: Civil War is released tomorrow here in the UK and I have been talked into a Captain America Marathon this evening by Marjorie.

Captain America

So tonight, at 18:30 we will be trying to get as comfortable as possible in the cinema to watch Captain America: The First Avenger followed by Captain America: The Winter Soldier and then finishing off with a midnight showing of Captain America: Civil War!!

I’m a little bit excited but I’m also a little worried that I may not actually make it all the way through Captain America: Civil War.
My days of staying up past three in the morning disappeared about 18 years ago with the arrival of the first of the kids!!
I haven’t done a movie marathon (at a cinema) since 1991 when we went to see the first 6 Star Trek movies.

I decided to take a couple of days annual leave so that I didn’t have to worry about recovery for work.
I don’t think it would have looked very good if I collapsed on an empty bed for forty winks.

So the plan for today is that I got up with the kids at 7am.
I’m going to do a little housework and then I’m going to chill/nap for the afternoon and fully charge my batteries.
I went to Tesco last night to stock up on Drinks and food for the evening and, as I don’t like energy drinks, I got some caffeine tablets in the hope that they will help me make it through the evening.

To be honest, by the time we get to Civil War I’m going to be just a bit too excited to fall asleep!! But every little helps.

I’m really looking forward to Civil War.
Apart from the trailers and a few TV spots I’ve pretty much avoided trying to find out anything about the film.
I get the feeling it’s going to be an emotional ride and Marjorie has fully prepared by getting herself some tissues. She is so hyped it’s untrue.

So, that’s my day.
No doubt I will be giving a quick review at some point tomorrow.
Don’t worry, I won’t fill it full of spoilers. I know it doesn’t get released for another week in the US!!

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