General diary entries



It’s been a long week.
I didn’t sleep well last night.
It didn’t help when the eldest decided to come home at 4am and announce it to the world.
I then couldn’t sleep in and ended up coming downstairs before 8am.
Then it was a case of the kids and Ian getting ready for a trip to the opticians with “Mum can you do this and Mum can you get that and Dad says can you do this and Mum, Mum, Mum, BLOODY MUM”!!!!


aaaaaaand chill……

They have left the building.
I am going to try and chill and watch the new episode of Outlander on Amazon Prime.
Then I will think about a quick Tesco run for packup stuff for the kids and then I am contemplating a trip to the cinema.
An afternoon in darkness getting lost in a movie sounds really good.

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