General diary entries


We had a bit of excitement here last night.

It was just before 2am and we had been sleeping with the window open.
I was woken up by some unusual activity in the street and at first I thought it was just a cat, however, when I then heard voices I decided to take a look out my window.

What I saw were two men jumping over the short brick wall and into the driveway of the house oposite us. One of them got into the car and the other came off the drive and started walking further along the street.
The car then backed violently off the driveway and drove into the estate entrance next to our house and I heard it stop.

I woke Ian up and told him my concern as I started to jump into my jeans and head off downstairs. I could hear Ian following suit but I was off out the door before he got downstairs.
I went around the corner and saw the car parked with no sign of anyone and then… all hell broke loose at another one of the houses opposite ours.
2 burglars had been surprised by the owner and were now pelting across the road towards me!

Being an absolute idiot I started after them in the hope that they would just carry on running and leave the car but no, they got in and sped off into the dead end estate.
Then the home owner came running past me with a couple of bricks in his hands!!

By this time Ian was on the phone talking to the police. We stuck around with the neighbour to talk to the police when they arrived and I also went and knocked on the door of the house the car disappeared from. It turns out it wasn’t their car! The cheeky buggers had just parked it on their driveway!
The car never came back off the estate past us and this was the only exit.
It was nearly 3am when we finally got back into bed but it was very difficult to sleep.

As the adrenalin started to wear off I realised that I’d wrenched my bad knee!!
I took the decision to put my feet up for the day instead of spend a whole day on my feet at work. I don’t think I would have done myself any favours if I had gone in and probably would have just made the situation worse in the long run.
I’m not back at work until Monday now so plenty of time to rest the knee. I just hope it’s enough.

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    • Don’t worry. I intend to do some Suicide Squad posts! As you can see I’ve been a little pre-occupied with Star Wars since Xmas but I am really looking forward to Suicide Squad.

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