General diary entries


Today is a bit of a mixed bag of emotions.

It’s been just over 6 weeks since I sustained a knee injury that saw me taking almost threee weeks off work followed by reduced hours at work and then some annual leave.
In the last 6 weeks I have only done one full 12.5 hour shift!

During my time off, I’ve spent loads of time with the kids and indulging in my hobby, movies.
I can’t deny it, it’s been lovely and I wish I was in the financial position to keep doing it.
Unfortunately, I’m not and tomorrow sees me returning to work full time, but I also can’t deny that I’m looking forward that.
My next shift isn’t until Tuesday so I do get three days to recover from the shock!

It’s going to be interesting to see how my knee is over the next couple of weeks.
I started physio exercises this week and going back to work full time is really going to be testing it.

I will also be throwing myself into a diet from tomorrow.
The fun is over.
Not only do I have a family wedding in September, I also have a family wedding in Italy either in May or July next year.
So I have plenty of motivation to lose wome weight.

Anyway, today I am taking Dharma to the children’s physio to get a re-fresh on her knee exercises as she too injured her right knee just a couple of days after I injured mine!
Then later this afternoon we are taking the kids out to dinner as one last treat.

Getting back to work will hopefully help me to stop obsessing Adam Driver, Star Wars, Kylo Ren and racking my brains reading through theory after theory of what could happen in Episode VIII.
Seriously, my brain is mush.

Good news is that next week I get some fresh material to drool over with the release of Adam’s new movie, Midnight Special. Also starring Michael Shannon.

The week after that we get the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Bluray with loads of extras.
There have been previews of what’s to come and my tumblr colleagues have once again done themselves proud and Gif’d it all to the enth degree so that computer illiterates like me can enjoy it all time and time again.

We can look forward to Adam behind the scenes with JJ Abrams.
Gif source:


Adam practicing his lightsaber fight with John Boyega, without all the Kylo Robes!!.
Gif source:


JJ making sure Kylo stays warm. awww
Gif source:


Adam practicing his lightsaber swings before takes.
Gif source:


Lets not forget Oscar Isaac having a laugh between takes.
Gif source:


And of course, one of the things I am looking forward to the most are the deleted scenes.
One scene in particular as far as I’m concerned and that is Kylo Ren on board the Millenium Falcon.

So, as you can see I actually need work to take my mind off things.
Once I’ve seen the bluray and studied every second of it, I can get back to normality.


There’s another Star Wars movie this Xmas!!

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